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Sala is a teenager, born and raised, to a degree, in Japan. Her childhood was full of abuse and misery, until she escaped the grasps of her masters, and disappeared into the underground. In the next few weeks, many of those that knew her were mysteriously murdered. Sala now finds herself in the company of hardened criminals as part of the growing Sumiyoshi-kai.

She is quickly making a name for herself under the guise of the "Hello Kitty Killer," a persona she developed by wearing and leaving porceline Hello Kitty masks at jobs she did. She has no regard for the morals of others, and seems to have none of her own. So far her only interests seem to be in annoying the Korean Mafia, robbing jewelry stores, and making things blow up.

Diego OlivieraEdit

Main page Diego Oliviera

Diego Oliviera came to Japan from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where he grew up around crime and violence as a daily occurence. Now in Japan, e is trying to work his way up the ranks of the organisation, though the fact that he is gaijin does not help him.

Cecil ArcelleEdit

Main page Cecil Arcelle

Cecil Arcelle came from Ireland, where he worked as the head of the Irish mob. He stills holds that position, although he mostly lets others run the gang. Upon coming to Japan, he quickly rose up in the ranks of the SUMIYOSHI-KAI. He has a decent moral, compared to everyone else in the group. However, if someone treatens him or something he cares about, he will kill them.

Yari TanakaEdit

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Ukiraiya YoshidaEdit

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Sen DaijiroEdit

Main page Sen Daijiro

Sen Daijiro is an ex-soldier, having first fought in the Korean War of 2012. Since leaving the military, he returned home to an empty house and divorce papers. After a drunken bar-brawl, he found himself with a life debt to be paid to the yakuza, and thus entered their service. He's been there since.