== Factions== Here we have all the major factions in play in the Ninkyo-Dantai Campaign. Click on the link for more information!

The Sumiyoshi-kaiEdit

The Sumiyoshi-kai is the gang that all of our players belong to. Dedicated to the old ways, this loose federation of smaller groups is struggling for survival against rival gangs, foreign forces and government crackdowns.

The Yamaguchi-gumiEdit

The largest yakuza group in Japan. This rapidly expanding group threatens the old ways and the peach of the entire country! They are the Sumiyoshi-kai's sworn enemies.

The Inagawa-kaiEdit

Japan's third largest criminal organisation, it is primarily based in the Kanto region. Though they are small, they wield great power in the fact that they were the first to begin operations outside of Japan.

The Toa-kaiEdit

The Toa-kai is Japan's fourth largest yakuza, made up primarily of Korean Japanese. This group is fanatically patriotic to Japan.

The Mishima CorporationEdit

Main page The Mishima Corporation

The Mishima Corporation seized power shortly after the second Korean War, aided by its overwhelming popularity with the public. It is now a tyrannical, all-powerful mega-corporation in complete control of Japan.