The year is 2021, 9 years after the Second Korean War. Neo-Tokyo has risen from the struggles of war to become a dark and dangerous megalopolis infested with gangs and terrorists. The government is full of corruption and only maintains token control over the the powerful military that prevents chaos and hides the secrets of the past.

The Mishima Corporation "legitimately" control the richer people in Japan, a massive umbrella corporation that seized power after the war. Below them, the poor are controlled by the gangs, yakuza thugs and organised criminals. Both rule with an iron fist and a reign of terror. However, the people cannot survive without them. They both protect and serve the people, while making millions from extortion or "taxes".

You are a criminal underling in such a place, a member of the infamous Sumiyoshi-kai. Whatever your ambition is, whether it be to control the gangs or overthrow the government, is yours to take.

You are Yakuza.Edit