The Intersection where Shigeo was killed.

Late last night, apparently between nine and 10 PM, yakuza boss Shigeo Nishiguchi was shot dead on a usually busy Tokyo intersection. His driver, yet to be named, was also killed in the violent gang-land shooting. The repercussions of this event will be far reaching, both inside and outside of the yakuza world, as more violence is bound to follow.

Police claim that the two men were killed by a single assailant after stopping at a traffic light. Witnesses for the attack are few, and it is likely they refuse to testify in court in fear of backlash from the gang world. Unfortunately, this is often the case with gang related violent crime, and criminals are rarely identified, let alone charged and punished.

In this reporters opinion, the streets of Tokyo and all of Japan will not be safe for weeks to come.