Upper Tier RanksEdit


A General. There is only one man in the organisation that holds this rank, President Shigeo Nishiguchi. Pay grade: $700.


A Major. These men are the council of elders that run the organisation and prevent any one man becoming too powerful. Often known as "The Bosses". Pay grade: $600.


Captains. These men are the second in command to the Shosa. They run their own regions, each one assigned a city or district. Pay grade: $500.


Lieutenants. Up and coming young men in the organisation, these men are given the responsibility of their own gang cell, usually about 30 men. They work underneath and within the region of their Taii. Pay grade: $400.

Lower Tier RanksEdit


Sergeants. These men lead the grunts on the frontline. Battle hardened gangsters, these guys are usually pretty tough. Pay grade: $300.


Corporals. Up and coming new members, breaking out of the unranked mass that is the nitohei. Pay grade: $200.


The Privates. The faceless mass of thugs that work for the gang. The real workhorses of the organisation. Pay grade: $100


Recruits. These people are either aspiring to join the gang, or call themselves this to keep their distance. The gang gives these people little help, and little pay. Pay grade: $35