"Come on Baby, You know I'll blow your world apart. Really, I just strapped two ounces of C4 to your ass while you were trying to sneak that kiss."


Sala was raised in slavery, only her aptitudes for martial arts and the fact she always seemed to be stronger and faster than everyone else saved her from being beaten to death. Her owner had her taught by any Master he could get ahold of, but her skill didn't stop him from takeing his pleasure from her as often as he pleased. He used rape and violence to keep her under his control untill the day he died of a heart attack. She escaped that same night in the confusion of his death. Little was known about her whereabouts for several years, but she spent that time working in secret for an old ally of her former owner. He treated her with much more respect, knowing she had the ability to kill him even with his security, especially since he didn't have her fear the way her former owner had.

There are rumors of Sala having abilities of a not natural origin, but those have yet to be proven true or false. It has been noted she was not phased by the appearance of the "werewolf" at the bank job that was botched by the crew she was with, and it seems Cecil has taken it upon himself to do some research into her past. Sala is as yet unaware of this or she might have a few words to say to him.

Weapons of choice:

Electrified Katana, Frozen Katana, Flaming Katana, Normal Katana (soon to be poisoned.)

Plastic explosives.

Toxin injecting gloves, generally used with a neuro-agent to knock targets out fast.

...More comming soon...