The Mishima Armed Forces were established in the early 2000s, primarily as a unit to guard the Corporations many complexes and facilities. By the Korean War, it was a fully fledged army, participating in every major Japanese operation of the conflict. Today, it both occupies Japan and South Korea.

The Mishima Armed Ground ForcesEdit

The Mishima Armed Ground Forces or AGF is the land based branch of the Mishima Armed Forces. It makes up almost half of the entire personnel of the entire Force, with units deployed across Japan and Korea. The AGF's combat units are designated as one of the following:

Armoured CavalryEdit

The Armoured Cavalry Corps. of the Mishima Armed Forces are its hardened tank units, punching massive holes in enemy lines using the powerful Type 90 "Kyu-maru" main battle tank. For the most part, theses units will only be encountered in theatres of war, such as Korea or Taiwan, though the corporation does keep two token divisions in Japan in case of civil strife or a security emergency.

Mishima Soldier

The Mishima Soldiers


The bulk of the AGF is the infantry. Many hardened veterans of Korea and Taiwan fill the ranks, these elite soldiers destroy the enemy with the over-bearing fire-power. The Mishima Infantryman, shown left, is trained for a minimum of 6 months, followed by a gruelling and dangerous trial-by-fire, ensuring that only the best men are enlisted into its ranks.

Mobile InfantryEdit

The Mobile Infantry Corps. races to its destination with lightning speed, using a mixture of Komatsu Light Armoured Vehicles and Type 96 APCs, and supported by the fearsome Mitsubishi Type 89 Fight Vehicle. These shock troops are trained and used to hit the enemy lines with speed and aggression, causing chaos in their ranks.


The Mishima Artillery Corps do not see a lot of actual combat. Rather, they pummel enemy positions with their deadly long range artillery, the fearsome FH-70 field howitzer and the Type 99 155mm Slef-Propelled Artillery.

Airborne CavalryEdit

Air Cav. bring death from above, using either Chinese Changhe Z-8A utility helicopters for direct and accurate drops, or using the Chinese Shaanxi Y-9 Transport plane for large scale para operations. The men of the Airborne Cavalry units are noted for their aggression and bravery in the face of the enemy.

Army Air ForceEdit

The AAF runs multiple types of airborne vehicles to carry out many different roles, from transport and logistics, to scouting, to airborne strafing runs by powerful Chinese CAIC WZ-10 attack helicopter.


The Mishima Air ForceEdit

The Mishima Air Force was a later addition to the Force, originally consisting of only a few light helicopters. At the outbreak of war, Mishima bought huge numbers of combat aircraft, including fighters and bombers.

Mishima Bomber CorpsEdit

Mishima Figher CorpsEdit

Mishima Helicopter CorpEdit

The Mishima Naval ForceEdit

Northern AdmiraltyEdit

Southern AdmiraltyEdit

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Special Naval Landing ForceEdit

Special Research & Developmental UnitEdit

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Ballistic Artillery CorpsEdit

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