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Rank SystemEdit

This is the most important part to players, as these ranks give each player a pay grade and certain responsibilities and powers.


Recruits and associates. These people are a mixture of those hoping to join the ranks, and those who like to deal with the gang, but do not want to be in it as such. These people get no special treatment, and get a basic wage of $50 a day.


Privates in the Sumiyoshi-kai. These men and women are the newcomers to the gang, yet to prove their abilities and loyalty. They get few privileges and have no responsibilities past their orders.


Corporals. Up and coming soldiers in the Sumyoshi-kai, these men and women have proven their worth in actions for the gang, and have proven their loyalty to the gang at least once. Their basic pay if $200 and they get better treatment, though they are more responsible for their actions and those below them.


Sergeants. These have proven their loyalty time and again, and are beginning to excel in the criminal underworld. They are often charged with actively leading lower members on missions. They get the best bonuses of any "soldier" rank in the gang, though they are often held responsible for the actions of gocho and nitohei below them by their superiors. Be careful though, as with any other superior, they will have their eyes on rising stars, not wishing to be outshone or replaced. Basic pay is $300.


Lieutenants in the gang hierarchy. These people each run their own "cell" of the gang, and have control over all under them. They are getting their first tastes of the high life of crime, with the new ability to hire NPCs to raise them extra money or support them on missions. Basic wage is $400.


Captains have control of a city or district, commanding a large number of members and even more respect. The way the gang treats them reflects this, as does their pay of $500 a day.


The majors of the Sumiyoshi-kai each run a segment of Japan. There are a total of eight shosa in the organisation, one for each area: Tohoku, Hokkaido, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu & Okinawa. These men are the great council of the Sumiyoshi-kai, and have nearly as much power as the taisho. They are paid $600 a day, and can get practically anything they want.


The general, the recently-deceased Shigeo Nishiguchi once held this position. The President of the Sumiyoshi-kai, his arms reached far and pockets grew deep. A bitter power struggle may rise, with the shosa fighting to gain the title.