Early LifeEdit

Born in 1998 to a Japanese business man, and a german female doctor, Yari was the only son of a busy family, mostly taken care of by his nannies and servants, his life as a child was rather plain and profusely boring as a spoiled brat.

Yari Tanaka

Point of changeEdit

At the age of 8 while Yari was in school, a fire that was officially announced as "accidental house fire" claimed the life of both of his parents who ironically were both home at the same time ever so scarcely, Yari's father's business was devoured by his partners and Yari was left to the care of an orphanage, the drastic sudden change in life style left Yari at awe, and bitterness grew in his young heart, he felt cheated by life, and that the world was a cruel place to live in, and everyone was better off dead.

Life in the orphanageEdit

yari was constantly picked on because of his mixed origin and green eyes, he was constantly referred to as "mutt dog" or "mutt german shepherd", this only served deepen his sense of resentment to the world. Yari lived in the orphanage for a few years to escape during the confusion of the korean war, he started living on the street afterwards.

Life on the streetsEdit

Yari left the orphanage around the year 2011, at the age of 13, he joined a gang associated with the Sumiyoshi-kai shortly after his departure from the orphanage, finding excitement in the rush of fights and being chased, Yari started doing yakuza work for the Sumiyoshi-kai, raising in ranks as he grew yari stood captain at the age of 22, due to his knowledge in several languages such as english and German, he was a rare item in the world of the yakuza.

On one of his missions at the age of 18, a soldier in the Sumiyoshi-kai at that time, Yari stumbled across a ww2 sniper rifle that was in a good condition, keeping it aside as a pass time, Yari's skill in sniping grew gradually, making it his most enjoyed hobby, one which appealed to rush seeking nature, the joy of hitting his targets brought endless enjoyment to Yari.